Work Examples 工作範例

Work Examples 工作範例

We love making creative advertising, posters, films, digital banners - when new or different work is needed.

China Airlines. Outdoor adverts for Taiwan's national airline. UK.
Adidas Outdoor. Retail poster and print advertising, China. 
Adidas Outdoor
Adidas Terrex. Retail poster and print advertising, China. 
Adidas Terrex平面廣告設計。中國。
Adidas Essentials. Retail poster and print advertising, China. 
Adidas Essentials。廣告設計。中國。
Adidas digital and retail. Promotional advertising templates, for across Asia use.
MoveFree Joint Tablets. Online Adverts. Easy to understand communication for the elderly in Taiwan.
MoveFree Ultra Tablets TV Advert. Life changes, and the body does too.
Advert using the brand's baseball celebrity who has just moved to coaching, focused for the elderly in Taiwan.

Google Search App. Film and banner advertising for Taiwan.
Google Search APP。
Google AdWords. Print advertising. Taiwan.
Google AdWords 。平面廣告。台灣。​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Google Chinese New Year. Digital advertising. Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

SK-II - Face the future. Online skin care advertising video. For Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong.
SK-II 超肌因鑽光淨白精華。
SK-II - Face the wild. Online skin care advertising - test and location thinking and planning. Production by National Geographic.
For Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

SK-II的極限挑戰。廣告概念發想規劃。國家地理頻道製作發行。 全電子媒體廣告。
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