Work Examples 工作範例

Work Examples 工作範例

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We love identity design, starting from zero (or updating brands), developing naming, tag-lines, logos and visual identities.
我們喜愛設計&藝術。 商標&命名&標語&視覺。

Creativity Week. Logo, identity, guidelines. Taiwan.
坎城國際創意節 - 台灣創意週。商標&形象設計。​​​​​​​ 台灣。​​​​​​​

Akuos Medical Products. Logo, full identity system design, branding guidelines and photo art direction. Singapore.
Akuos 醫療技術 商標&形象設計&品牌應用。新加坡。

Click2View Video Production. Logo, guidelines, application. Singapore.
Click2View影像傳播公司。 商標&形象設計&品牌應用。新加坡。

Top Union Electronics. Logo, guidelines, application. Taiwan/China.
商標&形象設計&品牌應用。 台灣/中國。

Anita Giraldo Photographer. Logo, application. NYC, USA. 
Logo based on her overlay photos. Awards: UK D&AD, USA Type Directors Club, USA Strathmore Paper.
Anita Giraldo 紐約攝影師。商標&品牌應用。 紐約, 美國。 獎項: 英國 D&DA, 美國 Type Directors Club, 美國 Strathmore Paper。

Google AdRecipes Event. Naming, tagline, logo, guidelines, application. Thailand/Indonesia/Malaysia.
Google AdRecipes 營銷活動。 命名
&標語&商標&形象設計。 泰國, 印尼, 馬來西亞。

Just Add Agency. Logo, application. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. 
Advertising consultancy logo, based on "pop up" feel, with ability to reformat as needed, like the company itself.
Just Add Agency 

Yuan Hsien Property. Logo, guidelines, application. Taiwan 

Adidas Neo 2019-2020 brand book and guidelines. China and Global use.
Adidas Neo 2019-2020 品牌書/指導方針 中國/全球

My Little Party Logo and application design. London, UK.
My Little Party 商標&品牌應用。

That Crazy French Woman Wine Expert. Flexible logo system, guidelines, application. UK.
法國有機紅酒商 商標&形象設計&品牌應用。澳洲。

DIY Physics Event. Logo, typeface, application. Kentucky, USA.
DIY物理學活動。商標&字型設計&品牌應用。Kentucky 大學, 美國。

Project Air Mind Care. Logo, guidelines, application. Australia.
心智保健計畫。商標&形象設計&品牌應用。Wollongong 大學, 澳洲。

CreDA Crypto Credit Finance. Brand guidelines, logo system update and advertising visual communications.
CreDA Crypto Credit Finance. 商標&形象設計&品牌應用。
Designed by Name&Name, as part of a collaborative project with BriteBirch, JustAddAgency & StableWP.

ZhiPei Nutrition drink branding. Logo, packaging, promotions, website design and advertising for Taiwan.

ASAP Car rental. Logo, identity, guidelines. Taiwan.
ASAP 汽車出租。商標&形象設計。​​​​​​​ 台灣。

SciLogica & Elucido Medi-Tech company. Logo & guidelines. UK/USA.
SciLogica & Elucido 醫療技術 商標&形象設計。

6Star Tea company. Logo & guidelines. UK/USA.
6星茶 商標&形象設計。

TaiChang Security. Logo, application. Taiwan.

Power Up P&G. Staff health care identity system, logo, video and kitchen spaces graphics. Singapore.
Power Up P&G商標&形象設計。新加坡。

Piccola Italian Restaurant. Logo, identity, guidelines. Taiwan.
Piccola餐廳。商標&形象設計。​​​​​​​ 台灣。

Curry Curry Outlet. Logo, identity, guidelines. Taiwan.
Curry Curry Outlet商標&形象設計。​​​​​​​ 台灣。

Zymple I.T. Services. Logo, stationary, guidelines. Thailand.
Zymple I.T. 公司。 商標&形象設計&品牌應用。 泰國。

Yong Chang Development Corporation. Logo, guidelines, application. Taiwan 
Yong Chang Development Corporation商標&形象設計&品牌應用。台灣。

Tibame WeEdu Wistron Education. Logo icon design. Taiwan, China, USA.
Tibame WeEdu Wistron 教育商標設計。台灣,中國,美國。

Name&Name Creative Studio. Naming & design. Taiwan.
Name&Name Creative Studio商標&字型設計&品牌應用。

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