Work Examples 工作範例

Work Examples 工作範例

We use graphic visuals to create fresh and unique packaging for limited special editions, VIP gifts or new brands.
我們運用視覺設計創造出最獨特的包裝 、限量包裝、VIP或新品牌。 

+C lemon drink packaging redesign, for Coca-cola Taiwan.
可口可樂 +C舒味思飲料包裝。台灣。
ZhiPei Nutrition drink cans and boxes packaging design for Taiwan.

​​​​​Special VIP PR Packaging for Arsenal Football Club's 2015/16 Home and Away kit global launch.
Puma 2015/2016 阿仙奴足球會
VIP限量行銷禮盒。Home & Away kit 全球發表。

Puma EvoSpeed special PR Packaging for global launch.
Puma EvoSpeed 限量公關行銷禮盒。全球發表。

Google Ad Recipes Event promotional packaging.
Google AdRecipes 營銷活動。禮盒設計。泰國, 印尼, 馬來西亞。

Special PR iPhone case design for Adidas Originals Shanghai, with Name&Name & Liu Xin Jian.
上海Adidas 旗艦店,開幕活動 iPhone 手機殼設計。上海。名與名&陸新建聯合創作。

Adidas Neo China. Retail shopping bags.
Adidas Neo 中國和亞洲購物袋設計。

Adidas MakerLab China. Chengdu sneaker tags and aglets box.
Adidas MakerLab 中國成都金屬鞋帶扣及鞋帶頭盒子。
Adidas China Year of the Rat & Year of the Ox Red Envelope packages. 

Commercial Medial Packaging for a Singapore company's consumer products.

Promotion Packaging for a NYC Photographer's portfolio and books.

Gift bags. Top Union Electronics corporation, Taiwan.
袋子. Top Union, 台灣。

Packaging adaptation for iLohas water. Designing the Japan brand packaging for the Taiwan market.

Packaging adaptation, naming and writing for Vitamelts vitamins

Branding and Packaging for Madame Truffles, in Australia.

Gift bags. Name & Name, Taiwan.
袋子. 名與名, 台灣。
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