About us 關於我們

About us 關於我們

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Tasha Chen - Managing Director

Tasha completed her Masters in International Design Marketing at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK and furthered her fashion design studies at the LCF (London College of Fashion).

After three years in London Tasha relocated to Shanghai, and moved into management at an influential international fashion retail chain, working as store manager to increase sales and strengthen employee teams.

Tasha followed working in China with a return to Taiwan, where she took on the position at Name and Name. As account manager and producer at Name and Name, Tasha‘s key roll is not only project handling and client management, but also leading the Chinese copy-writing and co-ordinating film and animation work for our key clients, including Google, YouTube, VitaMelts P&G Singapore and Adidas.

Since joining Name and Name, Tasha’s business sense, creative mind and up-to-date knowledge of trends has helped Name and Name to grow from nothing into one of Taiwan’s fastest up-and-coming design and advertising boutiques.

陈威廷 - 經理

在英国爱丁堡瓦特大学完成她的国际设计行销硕士后,到伦敦时尚学院学习与设计研究。并于伦敦开始她的职业生涯,任职于伦敦Bora Aksu设计工作室。

在伦敦三年后,威廷迁往上海,置身于国际时尚品牌, 担任提升员工团队国际销售业务之管理职务。 在两年后返回台湾任职于名与名。

目前陈威廷为客户经理及制作人,除了负责公司预算编制,项目处理,公司形象推广及客户管理也同时带领与Google, VitaMelts及Adidas项目的中文文案 撰写及电影,动画协调等各方面行销业务。 加入名与名后,威廷的创意思维及敏感的时尚嗅觉更助长名与名从无快速发展为台湾创意设计公司。

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