About us 關於我們

About us 關於我們

Name&Name  Creative Director  |  Team
Key Team Members  核心成員
Our staff include Taiwanese award winning designers, creatives, writers and office admin.
我們的成員包括台灣獲獎設計師、 創意人、 作家及行政人員。
Tasha Chen - Managing Director
Tasha was born in Taiwan and she studied her Masters in International Design Marketing at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK, furthering her studies in fashion design, at the LCF (London College of Fashion).

After working in Fashion design studios in London for a year, Tasha relocated to Shanghai, moving into clothing management in international fashion retail for 2 years. Tasha returned to Taiwan, bringing her combined international business knowledge and London trained creative fashion design skills to Name&Name, in a leadership position. 

Tasha has developed key business relationships with the senior teams from Adidas Global, Adidas China, Adidas Asia Pacific, Reckitt Benckiser Taiwan, and previously with Coca-Cola Taiwan, P&G USA, P&G Asia, P&G China, Puma Global, Google Asia, Google Taiwan, Google Hong Kong, Google Thailand, YouTube Taiwan and VitaMelts Taiwan. Aside from the business relationships, Tasha's role also covers account management and production at Name&Name, leading the Chinese copy-writing and co-ordinating film and photoshoot production for our key clients.

Tasha’s natural business sense combined with her creative artistic mindset and up-to-date knowledge of visual trends have helped Name&Name to grow into one of Taiwan’s strongest graphic art and visual communication design studios. 
She has been managing Director with Name&Name for 10 years, keeping the teams and work output strong and healthy throughout global recessions and pandemics.

陈威廷 - 經理
在英國愛丁堡瓦特大學完成她的國際設計行銷碩士後, 到倫敦時尚學院學習與設計研究。 爾後也在倫敦開始她 的職業生涯,並任職於倫敦設計工作室。 在倫敦三年後,威廷遷往上海,置身於國際時尚品 牌, 擔任提升員工團隊國際銷售業務之管理職務。 在兩年後返回台灣任職於名與名。目前陳威廷為客 戶經 理及製作人, 除了負責公司預算編制、項目處理、公司形象推廣及客戶管理也同時帶領與 Reckitt Benckiser, Google, VitaMelts 及 Adidas 項目的中文文案撰寫及電 影, 動畫協調等各方面行銷業務。 加入名與名後,威廷的創意思維及敏感的時尚嗅覺更 助於名與名從無發展成台灣創意設計公司中最快速成 長的一枚新銳之星。
Andy Cheng - Designer/Creative
Andy is Taiwanese and graduated the Media + Visual Communication Department, Chang Gung University, Taiwan. Andy has been a designer and art director with Name&Name for 3 years, working on many Adidas projects, P&G China projects and brand identity design projects for local Taiwan and Asian clients.
2015 Nue tradition exhibition, Taipei Haohaus.
2015 Adobe ADAA illustration semifinalist.
2015 Taoyuan Illustration Exhibition.
2016 Asia illustration collection award.
2020 Taipei Illustration Fair Exhibition​​​​​​​.

鄭名凱 - 創意設計師
畢業於長庚大學視覺媒體傳達學系 Andy擔任Name&Name的設計師和藝術總監兩年, 為當地客戶,adidas,寶潔從事許多品牌識別設計項目。 
2015 Nue tradition聯展,臺北好思當代。 
2015 Adobe卓越設計大獎-插畫類 半入圍。 
2015 桃園插畫大展。 
2016 亞洲插畫年鑑。 
2020 台北插畫藝術節。 
Nina Wang - Designer/Creative 
Nina is Taiwanese and graduated from Ming Chuan university, major in Commercial Design. She participated in the preparation of Beijing 751 International Design Festival and was also a MOCA Taipei Education Development Group Intern. While at Name&Name, she has produced many strong illustration works for Adidas, for promotions, retail art and clothing.
2018 Vision Get Wild award Illustration Finalist.
2018 Adobe ADAA Semifinalist Commercial.

王靖錞 - 創意設計師
畢業於銘傳大學商業設計學系。 曾參與北京751國際設計節 籌備。 台北當代藝術館 教育發展組實習。
2018 放視大賞 平面設計 決選入圍。 
2018 Adobe卓越設計大獎-商業類 半入圍。 
Fiona Wong - Designer/Creative
Fiona is Malaysian, studied in Taiwan and graduated from Chung Yuan University, with a major in Commercial Design.
2017 Nominated in the 26th Times Young Creative Awards for Art Design.

王麗婕 - 創意設計師
麗婕是馬來西亞人 畢業於中原大學商業設計學系。
2017 曾入圍第26屆時報金犢獎美術設計組。 
Cathy Lee - Office Admin
Cathy handles all admin work for Name&Name. She has been with Name&Name for 2 years and helps keep the office running and happy, and when you call us, it's most likely her who will answer.

李佳蓉 - 行政秘書
在名與名以有2年的經驗。 負責項目管理為業務運作與執行。
International Internship program 國際實習計劃 
We have a flow of European marketing interns (from France, Germany, Poland) with us for 3-6 months
and design interns with us from S.V.A. NY USA, R.I.S.D. USA, St. Martins UK and local Taiwan universities.
國際實習計劃 我們有一批歐洲行銷實習生(來自法國、德國、波蘭),及來自美國紐約的S.V.A.大學、美國R.I.S.D大學、英國聖馬丁學院和台灣當地大學的設計實習生與我們合作3-6個月。

Instant Expansion 事業夥伴
We have a large pool of freelancers from the UK, China and Asia for coding, editing, varied language copywriting and more.


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